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The City’s long-term strategy, StrongerNYC: The Road to a Healthier, Fairer City, places public health at the center of New York City’s economic recovery.

StrongerNYC builds upon the City’s successful efforts to respond to COVID-19, with significant new investments to cement our position as a global leader in public health innovation— attracting and growing high-quality jobs and improving health outcomes in historically underinvested communities.

StrongerNYC focuses on four principles

  • Continue the city’s momentum in fighting back COVID-19 by working with the private sector to expand lab capacity and deploy rapid, safe, and inexpensive testing, allowing our businesses to stay open and our economy to move forward.
  • Make the city a hub for public health research, design, and practice by building new research and development facilities and forging collaboration among unlikely partners – doctors and nurses, academic researchers, industry innovators, health nonprofits and economic development community organizations, just as we did in early days of COVID.
  • Create new high-quality jobs that also help improve the city’s health.
  • Continue making New York the fairest city in America by centering service and action in neighborhoods that have carried the heaviest burden of economic and health inequities.

StrongerNYC will be shared through a series of policy proposals that acknowledge the powerful link between the city’s economic health and the health of New Yorkers.